Algal Blooms

Algal Blooms demonstrate the speed at which photosynthesis can capture carbon in the ocean. Algal blooms occur when suddenly all the ingredients necessary for photosynthesis are present: water, nutrients (including carbon dioxide) and light. When this happens, the photosynthetic machinery is unhindered. These blooms can appear in a matter of just days. Although algal blooms are most noted for harmful effects (red tide for example), generally blooms, since they do provide sustenance at the beginning of the marine food chain, are a good thing.

These images are of ocean areas of the continental shelves. None are of the deep ocean. Absent the wind blowing nutrient-containing dust out to sea, a color satellite image of the deep ocean always appears deep blue. That will change when a small green dot appears in one of these satellite images of deep ocean, indicating the presence of the first successful heat exchange method artificial upwelling device.

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